Public Facing Resources

Public Facing Resources

At Lagniappe Law Lab, our primary focus is on making the legal system accessible to all - not just those with lawyers. Our work focused on the public at large is guided by a simple-but-powerful framework: Inform. Empower. Connect.


Knowledge is power, so its no surprise legal information forms the foundation of our public-facing work. We create high quality legal content that breaks down barriers to understanding complex legal topics and procedures.


Our philosophy also involves empowering those with civil legal issues to take the next step in addressing them. This ethos drives us to design and build self-help solutions for areas of the law traditionally left behind by the private bar, or where there are high volumes of self-represented individuals moving through the legal system.


Legal issues can be complex and overwhelming for many, and Louisiana has a fantastic network of free and reduced-cost civil legal aid service providers that are here to help. We build referral pathways and systems that help those without an attorney find help when they need it most.


Members of the public can find our resources at